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Our Commitment for your Privacy respects the privacy of every visitor to our website. Your privacy is a priority, and we take every possible step to protect it. This Internet Site Privacy Policy explains our online information practices. This Policy may be changed or updated from time to time. By visiting the Blood Donor at www.Blood, you accept the practices described in this Policy as follows.
Registering as a Blood Donor
When you register as a Blood Donor, we may ask for your name and other contact details. This information is asked so that we can make our Blood seekers find Blood as soon as possible and to nearest place of their location
How We Use Your Information
- Your email address is the mandatory information, and we don not send any promotional or other mails.
- Non mandatory details like mobile number, residence address and others are only used on this site, and is displayed to the Blood seekers making a search for a blood group in a particular city.
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