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  • By creating this account you will be able to use some common features like 'Share', 'Today's Question', 'Search Blood Donor', etc and would also be able to manage your organization's blood donors database.

  • This is a very unique and exclusive feature of that you will hardly find on any other websites.

  • If you are planning to create a blood donors database of all the students of your college or employees of your company or people associated with your company, than you can do create it on our web site

  • All you have to do is just create a organization account on our website, with the name of your organization and location.

  • Once your account is created your organization name will be available in a drop down in blood donors account.

  • So you can inform the people whom you want to add to your blood donors database and ask them to update your organization name from options available by logging in the blood donor's account

  • And if you want to see blood donors of your organization only, than log in to your organization account and select the (Personal) check box.

  • On selecting the check box the blood donors associated with your organization will only be visible to you.