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Blood Donor registration policy
1. You allows visitors of this site to contact you for blood donation on the information provided while registration.
2. We agree in some circumstances it may not be possible for a Blood donor to go for Blood donation, but does'nt allow fake registrations.
3. In case if your routine is too busy and you cannot go for blood donation, you do not have unregister you can just update your 'Availability Status' to 'Not Available'.
4. Please make sure is the request genuine and confirm the blood donation requirement from Doctors of the hospitals, before going for any Blood donation on any request made by user of this site for blood donation.
5. Once registered as a Blood donor, contact details can be updated and you can also unregister as a Blood Donor from this site.
6. Your age should be more than 17 years and weight more than 45 kilograms and you should be medically fit for Blood donation.
7. Going for blood donation is a noble cause that save life and we do not pay any interest for that, anyhow regular donors on this site may get our official hampers.
8. Registration policies may get updated or modified with time.
9. By continuing registration you agree to above mentioned registration policy.
10. For security purpose Female registered donor contact details are hidden from seekers and their Mobile No. will be replaced by our official no. i.e. 9462874806.
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