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Registering as a Blood Donor means that you allows user of this site to contact you for the blood donation on the details provided by you; The sorting of Blood Donor is done on the basis of Country, State and City and even optionally pin code no. that makes easier for Blood seeker to contact the person nearest to them and also for Donor to easily go and help other by donating without any traveling.
If your are healthy and your age is more than 17 years and weight more than 45 kg, than we request you to register as Blood Donor with your contact details on this site, our support team may contact you to verify your contact details before you are added to our World Blood Donors Database; Never forget God always track your activities and Blood donation in not less than donating a new life.. as every drop counts.
Now you don't have to worry for the Blood donor in the critical situations for your loved ones. This site provides a search bar as seen on home page that facilitates you to search a Blood donor of a particular blood group in a particular State of the Country Worldwide.
There are every possible details mention about the Donor even the pin code no. that can help you to find nearest possible donor, so enter the credentials, click on search and contact on the information provided by the donor.
To assure the genuineness of a Blood donor we undertake some steps i.e. any blood donor registration is not accepted directly unless it is verified by us before making him/her a blood donor on this site; we also provide a trust rate stars that defines the rate of genuineness of blood donor and a 5 rated blood donor is the most genuine one and to request a blood donor for blood donation it is mandatory to contact him/her through a land-line number of hospitals only.
We also request you to give us feedback on our blood donors as it helps us in updating their trust rate.
If you are organizing any blood donation than you can publish about your Blood donation camp on our site without any charges.
If you looking forward for a Blood donation camp to donate blood or any other donation camp or being a volunteer for the same than you can search for upcoming Blood donations camps and contact them.
Motivate others for Blood donation with sketches, pictures or stories and selected one's will be publish on this site.
You can support us in this initiave to serve humanity in a better way by adding youself in our Supported By Community
We welcome your feedback about, please post your comments in the Feedback section provided on left side bottom corner of the home page and you can also view the feedback posted in this section by other visitors to know their reviews about this site.
We would also like to know your suggestions on or if you want this site to be updated with other features or your city name than kindly mail us on the details provided in contact us page.
You can also view or update your registration details like address, mobile no. or other details, can change password or unregister as blood donor.
Log in to your account with your email address and password in space provided in already registered as blood donor in home page and update your details.
This site is a initiative in the stream of Blood donation and you can also be a part of this noble cause, be a volunteer and promote this site in colleges, companies, neighborhood etc and join us in helping others.To know more about this Click here
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This features is all about sharing your thoughts and experiences that can motivate people to register as a blood donor or inspire them to move on the path of social services.
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Before any blood donor is added to our World genuine blood donors database he/she undergoes following verification stages.

We have three following registration status category that is provided to every new registered donor depending on the feedback received after verification process.

Under Process

It is the default status that is provided just after the submission of registration form.


If the contact details contains any junk data our verification process feedback is not positive than registration status is set to Rejected


It is provided to those donors who are successfully added to our World genuine blood donors database.

Verification process
1. After receiving the regstration form one of the member from our verification process team checks the all the entries in the registration form and if their is junk data, the donor is rejected and is completely removed from our database, if not than we communicate with the donor through email, to confirm email id and brief them about the verification process steps.
2. Once email id is confirmed and donor is acknowledged about the verification steps our verification team member make a call on the mobile no. provided to confirm is the mobile no. valid.
3. On the same phone call we confirm their contact details provided in registration form and suggest them appropriate updates if required, we confirm with them will they will be going for blood donation if visitors of our site from their city request for blood donation.
4. On confirming all the contact details through email and phone call if we find donor is genuine and would go for blood donation on request made by our visitors than the donor registration status is set to Approved and donor is added to our World genuine blood donors database.
5. In case if we found any inappropriate entries or the feedback from verification process is not positive than the donor registration status is set to Rejected and donor is sent a mail asking to update the contact details provided in registration, within a week and donor is once again verified through phone call and if we found any positive feedback in the second stage of verification process than user is added to our World genuine blood donors database otherwise they registration form is completely removed from our database.

We have 5 type of account with some common and some unique fetaures depending on the type of account.
To access the features 'Share' and 'Question of the day' it is neccessary to have atleast one type of account.
You can start with user account.

Blood Donor Account

This account is for those who want to register themselves as a blood donor and donate blood directly to the patient in need in their city.

User or Blood Seeker Account

This account is for visitors or blood seekers, so that they can access some of our features like - Share, Question of the day and etc.

Organization Personal Blood Donors Database

This account is for colleges, companies or other organizations those want to maintain the personal database of blood donors related to them.

Hospital or Blood Bank Account

This account is for blood bank and hospital so that they can update the donation points of the registered blood donors on our website if they come and donate blood to patients admitted in the repective hospital or blood bank.

Volunteer or Official Representative Account

This account is for those who want to join us as a volunteer in this noble mission and officialy represent, motivate people for registering as blood donor, organize seminars and lot more.

Our mission is develop a Worldwide database of most genuine blood donors from every part of World so that in any emergent conditions we can easily provide the blood seekers a most genuine blood donnor nearest possible in their city on our site.
Walking on the path of our mission our vision is to inspire people from every part of World to register a blood donor on our site so that they can directly donate blood to the patient in need.
To achieve this mission we need your support in inspiring people for registration and to also aware them about this site so that they can make a best use of it.
There are many features available for registered blood donors that can make it easier for them to stay in touch with blood seekers without any trouble

Availability Status
We provide to availability status i.e. 'Available' and 'Not Available'
This makes it easier for registered donors to skip calls from blood seekers if they have recently donated blood, not well or are busy in some work, they can anytime set their status to 'Not Available' by logging in their account and when they wish to donate blood they can update their status to 'Available' to allow blood seekers to contact them for blood donation.

Trust Rate
A max of five are provided to a registered blood donor that defines the rate of genuineness, by default every registered donor is given a single trust rate later on; On the basis of feedback received from blood seekers it is increased with more .
Trust rate can also be increased on the request made fron registered donors on the basis of blood donation certificates provided by them.
More the rating are more is your genuineness percentage.

Registered Donors Login Account
When a user is successfully added to our World genuine blood donors database, he/she is provided a login pannel, to update contact details, set availability status, change password, Unregister as a blood donor from the site and completely remove contact details from our database.

Be a part of this noble cause
Any one can be a part of this noble cause
Awaring people about this site and motivating them to register as a blood donor also makes you a part of this cause.
You can be a official representative of by registering a Volunteer.
To know more about our volunteer process or to be a volunteer and join us officially Click here.
Developing Story
The idea to develop this site came from Indian army fans facebook page; Various times I use to see posts on this page regarding the rquirement of a blood donor than I thought there should be a website that can have a database of all the Blood donors most importantly genuine ones and why only India it should be World wide and started developing this site, and this site is also deddicated to Indian Soldiers.
To develop this site a good knowledge about J2EE was required and 3 months spent at Java Fast Track, Bangalore helped me a lot, Specially Evolvus Solutions pvt. ltd, Bangalore my first company and the 5 months work experience in Evolvus made me able to develop this site, and also my employee friends Shriman, Kumaresan, Padmaja, Mehar, Nagesh, Rupambika, Animesh, Shilpa, Ashish, Shabaz, Daya, Divya, Priya, Bhaskar and Balaji, Anis, Kartik, Prashant, Chandrasekhar Sir.
There are some people who directly or indirectly contributed in the development of this site My parents, Hitesh Chavhan, Sudesh Chauhan, Shivani Singhal, Praveen Mangal and Dinesh Panchal for their contribution in developing this site, Mr. Bharat agarwal for improving it and hosting this site, Ashish agarwal for all his contribution, Mr. Jitendra Kumar Areean, Mr. Nitin ji Bansal, Mr. Anil Kumar Areen for all their support, I thank all of you for your kind support and contribution in developing this site.
This features is all about sharing your thoughts and experiences that can motivate people to register as a blood donor or inspire them to move on the path of social services.
Login to your account everyday to post your thoughts and stories with the World.
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Everyday a new question is posted on our website for World's polling that has two options either 'yes' or 'no' so create an account and start polling, you can also post your question for taking the World's view about your question
Lesson for the day
Everyday a new image is uploaded on our website home page that gives a lesson that we should practice in our daily life, you can also post your images to motivate and inspire others for good things.
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