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What is Volunteer Points ?
Volunteer points is a count of no. of blood donors registered on our website through particular volunteers.
For example if you have made 10 people to register as a blood donor on our weeb site than our volunteer points would be 10.
How to get Volunteer Points ?
Once your volunteer account is approved we will provide you a unique 'Volunteer Id' something like in this format 'VB/1234/IN'..
All you have to do is, ask the blood donors whom you have guided to register as a blood donor on our website to update 1 volunteer point in your account by our volunteer id.
How to update Volunteer Points ?
Once registered blood donor registration is approved, Volunteer Points tab is populated in the login account of Blood Donor.
Blood donor need to login in their account and submit the volunteer id in the space provided in the tab and it will fetch 1 point to the volunteer as shown below.

*Note: Volunteer point can only be updated once by registered blood donor and it can not be edited or resubmit again.
Ask the blood donor to enter the volunteer id correctly.